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Tunnels and Dark Places

Tunnels and Dark Places

Walking through a dark tunnel is an exciting experience. It is frightening to walk through a long tunnel. Life around seems to be silent and at a standstill. Even the beating of the heart sounds like pounding of a drum….yer right!

Walking through, crawling down into, climbing up into a tunnel is hugely exciting!

There are many many tunnels buried beneath your feet. A simple walk around Dover and you’d be surprised as to the number of tunnels that lurk under the pavements.

Having lived here most of my life i have spent a fair amount of time lurking in the dark places of the town. From drainage tunnels to world war 1 and 2 defences. Each holds a fascination from the historical and photographic point of view.

The design of tunnels varies hugely..makes you wonder about all those clever people who dug them and those that may have lost their lives digging them.

Photography in tunnels is always a challenge…the darkness, the cramped conditions, the high levels of dust and moisture. All this leads to the excitement of lurking about in the dark!

Enjoy the pictures!


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