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Going out of my mine..

Dinas Silica Mine

well you would do…holidaying with my family!

After a night of torrential non-stop rain the morning did not look like it was going to improve!…so with that in mind we decided to go underground – Dinas Silica Mine!

After a small trek up the side of a mountain, being passed on the way by two chaps carrying diving gear, a walk across the grassy plateau and then down the slippery steps to the entrance of this now disused silica mine…

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Those magnificent men….

Paragliding over Rhossili Bay

…in their flying machines!

After a pleasant morning spent cliff hopping around the Worms Head by Rhossili Bay I saw these guys jumping off the hill above the beach. So…one long climb up another hill (Wales is just covered with them) I nestled down in the heather to take some action shots of these paragliders.

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Melincourt Falls

Long exposure to the falls

They say you should always explore what is on your doorstep! Sadly left this to the last day of our holiday in Wales to explore!

Melincourt Falls – Nestled in a tiny valley this place is like a little lost world! You can hear the falls as you walk up the track besides the river. There is evidence of an industrial past here, you can just about make out the ruins of an old iron ore works amongst the trees.

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A mad day at the asylum

The Darkness of Severalls Asylum

We drove to Severalls from a sunny but chilly corner of Kent in lovely blue sunshine and arrived to find it dull and very much overcast! This should have been our first warning ! 
The grounds are covered in vicious brambles
The fences are high and very pointy
The place is huge 
It’s falling down
We went on a day a host of Colchesters’ finest decide to exercise their huge dogs !

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Battersea – We have the power !

Battersea Power Station Chimneys

On a dark rainy night, meeting down a back alley in the heart of London the Team UE boys infiltrate the night…can’t tell you the location as it is very sensitive! After some limbo style entry points and wading across a sea of glutinous mud, running about like a bunch of girls at a JLS concert to find the way in …we did!

Many…many..many stairs later and a late night phone call to Matt (you are our saviour) we found the still beating heart of this iconic landmark on the London horizon. So out came the wangles and fish eyes and many many cross words about photo bombing ! 

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Derelict Dungeness

Fishing Boat at Dungeness

Abandoned..decayed..derelict..not the sort of things you’d expect to find on a Nature Reserve!

Take a trip down to Dungeness on the South Coast and you’ll have an mazing day, whatever the weather, day or night. The beach and foreshore are littered with abandoned fishing boats all in various state of decay. A number of old fishing huts lie abandoned, cloaked in old fishing nets, soaking up the blazing sun and biting winds.

It’s a superb place for wildlife as well..ignore the enormous Nuclear Power Station, the Romney Hythe Dymchurch steam railway terminates here.

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Some classic days out exploring

The boys are back in town

There have been some classic moments over the past few years whilst hitting the road with a bunch of cool like minded explorers, across the UK into France and Belgium.

We’ve had our ups and downs, run ins with crazy game keepers, the police and local peasants. Above all, we’ve laughed a lot and that’s what keeps us going back to do it time and time again.

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Long exposure to London

London Reflections

can be seriously be enjoyable…night time in London can be the best

Spent a few cool hours mooching about Canary Wharf in London on a pleasantly warm January night! The main question we asked ourselves was “where is everybody?”

Even the security guard that we asked directions from was exceptionally pleasant !

So..some long exposure shots of the capitals financial district..all SOOC…no fancy photo shopping…

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Box Quarry!

Cathedral at Box

After a manic 3 weeks at work it was time to kick back and have a laugh…mainly at the expense of Jimbo today, who, combined with a terrible weak bladder and the courage from a character from a Wizard of Oz story made the 5 odd hours getting lost under Wiltshire just about bearable! 

Box Mine…or Quarry..however you want to call it..never fails to impress..for those that have never been you cannot imagine the size and scale of the place ! First stop Cathedral…were we found some religious types singing! That hole in the ground is huge…

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sunrise over chillenden

By the time some people are tucking into their corn flakes….

I’ve walked several miles…witnessed the wonders of mother nature..captured them on film (well SD card)..gone home..processed said film..published the pics…had my breakfast, got ready for work, driven in..and still I’m the first one there !

Enjoy the pics !

All SOOC ..i don’t do photoshop!

If you want to buy any of my pictures then call or email, they can be provided in a variety of formats.

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Sunset at the masts

Swingate Masts Sunset

I have been wanting to capture the sunset on these transmitter masts for some time, and recently with the odd weather we have been having an opportunity took place and i raced over to get the final pics of the sun going down. One of the most amazing sky cloud formations i have seen for a long time.

If you want to buy any of my pics they are available in a variety of formats. Please ask!

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Sunset across Shepherdswell

Sunset or sundown is the daily disappearance of the Sun below the horizon, as a result of Earth’s rotation.

The time of sunset is defined in astronomy as the moment when the trailing edge of the Sun’s disk disappears below the horizon. The ray path of light from the setting Sun is highly distorted near the horizon because of atmospheric refraction, making the sunset appear to occur when the Sun’s disk is already about one diameter below the horizon. Sunset is distinct from dusk, which is the time at which the sky becomes completely dark, which occurs when the Sun is approximately eighteen degrees below the horizon. The period between sunset and dusk is called twilight.

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