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Life a little Tilt Shifted

Life a little Tilt Shifted

Over the years I have been lucky enough to see some amazing places and locations. Some still stand, defying nature to reclaim them, others are now housing estates or Tesco mega stores.

I am very much a SOOC person (straight out of camera) – if I had the time and inclination then I guess I’d stick a few through Photoshop!

Occasionally though, some cool bits of web based software that let you have some fun..whether you like this technique or not some of the effects can be quite stunning (sadly not mine)

Tilt-shift photography has to do with the ability to tilt or raise the lens in relation to the back of the camera where the image is focused. When you tilt the lens, you’re pointing it at a slightly different angle from the normal straight approach, and when you shift the lens, you’re moving it upwards or downwards to achieve the desired effect!

Clearly if you can afford the crazy price of a tilt shift lens then good on ya ! Us poor people have to rely on the interweb !

So here are a favourite locations “tilt shifted”



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