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Our first stop on our little wander across France and Belgium this weekend…after waking up the small village of sleeping Romanians parked in front of the place we thought we’d better make ourselves scarce!

After a lovely walk in the sunshine we found our entry point! Easy this Urbex lark ! After 20 minutes of acting like a bunch of newbies ….first rule of urbex…always check to see if the bloody enormous door staring you in the face is open..we climbed rather unceremoniously in through a small window !

The place is huge! ..lots to see and lots of people to get in your shot ! It’s urbex central this place!

Won’t bore you with the rest…there will be a billion reports in the next few hours!

If you want to do it..then do it quick..

Here are a few of my favourite shots …hope you like them.

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it’s all about FIRE!

Light Painting is using handheld lights to selectively illuminate and/or colour parts of the subject or scene. Light painting requires a slow shutter speed, usually a second or more. Light painting can take on the characteristics of a traditional painter working with oils, acrylics, or water colours.

A variety of light sources can be used, ranging from simple flash lights to dedicated devices like the Hosemaster, which uses a fibre optic light pen.[8] Other sources of light including candles, matches, fireworks, lighter flints, glow sticks, and Poi are also popular.

A tripod is usually necessary due to the long exposure times involved. Alternatively, the camera may be placed on or braced against a table or other solid support. A shutter release cable or self timer is generally employed in order to minimize camera shake. Colour Gels can also be used to colour the light sources.

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..before you’ve woken up

By the time some people are tucking into their corn flakes….

I’ve walked several miles…witnessed the wonders of mother nature..captured them on film (well SD card)..gone home..processed said film..published the pics…had my breakfast, got ready for work, driven in..and still I’m the first one there !

Enjoy the pics !

All SOOC ..i don’t do photoshop!

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we can often be found skulking in damp dark places in the woodland surrounding our home and further afield on our travels. You’ll be surprised what beauty you can find…it’s all about getting down and dirty..

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in the land of enormous machines

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