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Fan Bay Deep Shelter

Fan Bay Deep Shelter

The excavation of Fan Bay Deep Shelter and the associated Sound Mirrors is developing very nicely. There has been a lot of work done recently to uncover the sound mirrors after years of being covered up. It’s well worth the walk along the cliffs to see them.

Fan Bay Tunnels, also known as Fan Bay Deep Shelter is a system of underground tunnels located on the edge of Fan Hole on the White Cliffs. The shelter is located on the land which was purchased in the national appeal to buy the remaining section of the White Cliffs in 2012.

The tunnels are in excellent condition and today remain the biggest and best preserved deep shelter in Dover. The underground tunnel system is almost all that remains of the Fan Bay battery. The site is an important part of UK conflict archaeology and it is made even more unique because two sound mirrors were located alongside the entrances. Part of the project seeks to uncover these mirrors, the survival of which would make the site nationally and possibly internationally significant.

The local property team wants to excavate and open the Fan Bay tunnels to the public. This will involve the excavation of all three entrances and stabilization work to the underground structure. The National Trust is seeking to open the tunnels to the public by guided, torch lit tours. It is envisaged that very little work will be done to the inside of the tunnel system so visitors can enjoy a raw and truly unique historical experience.

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