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Don’t let the sun shine down on me !

Don’t let the sun shine down on me !

Early morning trips out in the wilds of Kent can have their rewards. Hit this place nice and early on a Sunday morning, the early mist was just lifting to allow the sun to shine through, walking under the tree canopy we got see see some amazing shafts of light drifting down towards the ground.

Whilst it might be a bit off the beaten track for many this place is definitely worth a visit as there are many wild flowers which attract many butterfly species and other wild insects.

So in the words of the immortal song Don’t let the sun shine down on me !

Despite the modern planting of Douglas fir and other non-native conifer trees, this woodland still retains many ancient characteristics. Botanists have compiled lists of plants which, if present in a woodland, show that it is of great age. Covert Wood boasts over 70 of these ‘ancient woodland indicators’. Among its flora are orchids – twayblade, early purple and the rare lady orchid. There are many areas of coppice, including some of hazel, hornbeam and ash, in addition to the commonly found sweet chestnut. Birdlife here includes nightingales, hawfinches and tawny owls.

PLEASE NOTE: While most of Covert Wood is open access, some areas are privately owned. Please consult Ordnance Survey maps when you visit and where woodland is not shown as open access, keep to public rights of way only.

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