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The Bloody Doors

The Bloody Doors

First explore for a was always going to be an awkward one this..for many reasons!

After the usual meet up in some dodgy car park (that’s dodgy not dogging) this time at a more acceptable hour of the day we preceded to advance on our target in the usual ninja style..whilst some of the team preferred to whimp out and go for the more leisurely entry point the hard core trio scaled the fence, barb wire., razor wire, brambles, nettles with fairly good athletic ease.

Barb wire can be tricky…especially when it embeds itself into your finger!

This place is very well sealed and despite many attempts to gain entry to the bits we really, really needed to see…we failed!  we found the doors…but they have been photographed to death ! The camera didn’t come out much today but the “shits and giggles” were in full flow!

It was good to meet up with muggiest bunch of explorers you could hope to meet…sadly 3 or 4 members were missing..

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