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Llyn y Fan Fach – a walk in the clouds

Llyn y Fan Fach

After an interesting drive down some very narrow lanes and unmade roads you eventually come to the parking spot for the climb to this lake. We arrived on a misty, low cloud, day. Parked up and then started the 1.5 mile trek to the top.
It’s a good steep climb but there are many things to stop and have a look at as you climb ever higher into the clouds.
Once there you are greeted by quiet an impressive sight, even on the day we went. Very peaceful and quiet. We climbed one of the ridges around the lake right up into the clouds and managed to get a full view of the lake.

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Power Station IM – Decay in Belgium

IM Power Station

After our rather disappointing start to our inaugural Belgium road trip we made our second stop at IM Power I’ve been up close and personnel with Battersea but this place was huge !

After entering via the very secure fence we walked around for ages to find a way in, interrupted a courting couple (seriously too cold for those kind of shenanigans – find an abandoned hotel)…they have done a very good job of sealing this place up! Splitting up into two groups we finally found an unusual way to enter the main site itself..dam hard work walking up that conveyor 😉 especially when the floor is made of wood and was surprisingly spring like !

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Life a little Tilt Shifted

Bodiam Castle

Over the years I have been lucky enough to see some amazing places and locations. Some still stand, defying nature to reclaim them, others are now housing estates or Tesco mega stores.

I am very much a SOOC person (straight out of camera) – if I had the time and inclination then I guess I’d stick a few through Photoshop!

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Heavy Metal !

On top of a blast furnace in Belgium

Sun rise…sun set..and weekend of opposites..from the amazing sunset from the top of HFb to the freezing gloomy grey sunrise on top of HF6!
Both involved..fences,brambles,razor wire,ditches,walls,ladders,slag heaps,mud,tight squeezes and plenty of laughter !
Both involved a long climb to the top! Well worth it for the views! Heavy Metal at its best !

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Chateau Noisy

Staircase at Noisy Castle

Delete all your photos what the mad lunatic Belgium kept shouting us after he found us inside this wonderful old house..he was not happy finding us in here ! bloody foreigners…no sense of fair play..we’d just driven 200 miles to get here..walked about 5 miles up and down the valley trying to find the place, it was cold, snow on the ground, braved a dead and decaying animal at our entry point and we had all barely got more than a handful of shots..still at least I can say I have seen it ! Chateau Noisy!

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Fan Bay Deep Shelter

Fan Bay Sound Mirrors

The excavation of Fan Bay Deep Shelter and the associated Sound Mirrors is developing very nicely. There has been a lot of work done recently to uncover the sound mirrors after years of being covered up. It’s well worth the walk along the cliffs to see them.

Fan Bay Tunnels, also known as Fan Bay Deep Shelter is a system of underground tunnels located on the edge of Fan Hole on the White Cliffs. The shelter is located on the land which was purchased in the national appeal to buy the remaining section of the White Cliffs in 2012.

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Stairway to heaven…

A stairway, staircase, stairwell, flight of stairs, or simply stairs..whatever you want to call them..most buildings have them…most abandoned, derelict buildings have amazing sets of stairs!

It’s probably one of the most photographed objects in any abandoned building, apart from chairs, but that’s another subject in itself.  From the moment you tread on the first stair going up or down, you are stepping into the unknown. The unknown of whether you will make it to the top or the bottom.

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The Bloody Doors

First explore for a was always going to be an awkward one this..for many reasons!

After the usual meet up in some dodgy car park (that’s dodgy not dogging) this time at a more acceptable hour of the day we preceded to advance on our target in the usual ninja style..whilst some of the team preferred to whimp out and go for the more leisurely entry point the hard core trio scaled the fence, barb wire., razor wire, brambles, nettles with fairly good athletic ease.

Barb wire can be tricky…especially when it embeds itself into your finger!

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Remembrance of things past

remington !

It should come as no surprise really…but after exploring many abandoned decaying houses it still comes as a shock to find so many items left behind by the former occupants.

On this occasion a rather grand house decaying on a pretty busy well-kept Belgium street in a small town..the usual antics ensued to get in…but hey that’s exploring.

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Don’t let the sun shine down on me !

The sun shines through

Early morning trips out in the wilds of Kent can have their rewards. Hit this place nice and early on a Sunday morning, the early mist was just lifting to allow the sun to shine through, walking under the tree canopy we got see see some amazing shafts of light drifting down towards the ground.

Whilst it might be a bit off the beaten track for many this place is definitely worth a visit as there are many wild flowers which attract many butterfly species and other wild insects.

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Tunnels and Dark Places

Deep Shelter Stairs

Walking through a dark tunnel is an exciting experience. It is frightening to walk through a long tunnel. Life around seems to be silent and at a standstill. Even the beating of the heart sounds like pounding of a drum….yer right!

Walking through, crawling down into, climbing up into a tunnel is hugely exciting!

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Waterfalls of Wales

Waterfalls of Wales

Nowhere else within Wales is there such a richness and diversity of waterfalls within such a small area as can be found in the Vale of Neath. The abundance of them has led to the region becoming known as the “Waterfall Country”.

Cool in summer, sculptural in winter, wreathed in myths and fringed with ferns, there’s something truly magical about Welsh waterfalls. Tumbling over cliffs and down steep-sided gorges, they add a delightful extra dimension to woodland walks.

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